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Manufacturing cocoon, fibroin, sericin, raw silk sheet
Natural raw silk sheet, cocoon, fibroin, sericin, spider silk


Unauthorized use and manufacture of patents and technologies
If companies located in countries such as Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. use our patents, manufacturing processes,
and technologies without our permission to produce similar or identical products without our permission,
and sell them on the market We will take strong legal action to them.

​우리가 보유한 특허, 제조 공정, 기술을 무단으로 사용해서 제조 판매를 하면 강력한 법적 조치를 하겠습니다. 

BIOMEDISILK produces raw silk, 
a basic material for the Bio-engineering industry

We produce natural raw silk sheet with our own technology.

BIOMEDISILK, applied to various Bio-engineering industries

Specializes applied to Medical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Hydrogel, Vaccine, Bone Tissue Engineering, Ocular Tissue Engineering, Optics Tissue Engineering, Bio Cosmetic, Nano tube and Graphene, Bio 3D Silk Printing, Micro Bead, Bio Health Food and consumables, Smart Clothing, Smart non-woven fabric and etc.

BIOMEDISILK is the first to produce raw silk sheets

It is a policy project of Queen Sirikit Silk Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand

BIOMEDISILK aims to produce spider silk from silkworms

We are ready to research and produce spider silk from silkworms. The effect of the spider silk sheet will be doubled. There are many advantages to producing raw silk as a sheet.

BIOMEDISILK is ready to join the Bio-engineering industry

Silk is very useful in the bio-engineering industry, and it can be used as a base material for various fields and smart non-woven fabrics, and it is a material that can protect human health and the natural environment.

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