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Natural silk coffee filter


Manufacturing silk coffee filter
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Even if you drink a cup of coffee,
you should think about your health first.

Do you still use chemical or paper filters to drink your coffee at home?

All of these coffee filters come from chemicals. Even paper filters must go through a chemical process to make them white.
All filters that have gone through this process contain microplastics, and we drink these with our coffee every day.

Natural Medisilk raw silk coffee filter is 100% natural material.

Because this coffee filter has a finer texture than regular coffee filters, it filters out more small coffee grounds, making the coffee taste more savory, softer and smooth. Also, its aroma is closer to that of coffee.

Moreover, the raw silk filter contains 18 kinds of protein peptides including sericin, which prevents various adult diseases, provides moisture to the skin, and provides anti-wrinkle and bright skin with antioxidant action, and helps to strengthen energy.

Biodegradable, Vegan, Green deal

Of course, since this product is an eco-friendly material, it is 100% biodegradable and can be reused. In other words, it is an eco-friendly material and a vegan, green deal product that does not emit carbon, environmental hormones, heavy metals, microplastics, etc.

Experience a different taste, aromatic and health with100% natural raw silk coffee filter.

It will be a completely different experience.

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