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Natural silk PPE mask


Manufacturing natural health mask

100% Natural Raw Silk Sheet PPE Fashion Mask

Natural Medisilk Premium PPE Fashion Mask uses only natural materials, including 100% natural raw silk sheet.

It's very comfortable to breathe, and its hydrophobic action blocks viruses from the mask surface, so it's reusable enough, and the ear straps are adjustable so your ears won't hurt. It also has enough space to wrap around the mouth so the lipstick doesn't stick to the mask.
In addition, since it uses 100% natural materials, it is biodegradable as an eco-friendly product that does not emit heavy metals, environmental hormones, carbon, and microplastics.

The masks we normally wear are made of 100% chemical material, which makes breathing uncomfortable, heavy, and even painful to the ears. In addition, these masks are not reusable because they use an MB (Melt Blown) filter that generates static electricity to block viruses and fine dust.

Disposable masks made of chemical materials are inexpensive, but they harm our health by releasing environmental hormones, heavy metals, carbon, and microplastics. In addition, it takes more than 540 years to biodegrade, and the mask is incinerated due to the Yuxiang problem. At this time, polypropylene, the main raw material of the mask, emits a large amount of dioxin, a highly toxic first-class carcinogen. Polypropylene and dioxin are very dangerous substances that disturb the ecosystem and have devastating effects on health, such as endocrine disruption, birth defects, cancer, metabolic and hormonal abnormalities.

The current corona virus has mutated and developed into a much more contagious lambda virus, which soon mutates into alpha and beta, or another new virus will attack us, and these viruses will not go away forever. Because we made this disaster.

We now have to find a way to coexist with these viruses. We will probably have to wear masks for the rest of our lives.

But the more we destroy nature and the environment, the more these viruses will appear and spread.
We should use eco-friendly materials, even if we spend more.

For our health and nature.

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